This weekend, SOAB took the road to Tours (37) at the Canadian café to continue its trip of acoustic concerts.

     2 long hours driving in the legs, a small tour in Tours (Joke also available in English!), Good food and bam! It is 21h. A small stamp on the wrist and let's go for an evening with the Tourangeaux!

    And these are the Mohawk of Brest who open the show smoothly.
The duo mixing perfectly the rhythm of the guitar and the tenderness of the violin,takes us on a journey through all facets of punk in his  acoustics dress. A perfect mix that puts us well in the mood for the following.

    And the Following, it’s the American Matt Tansey who takes it.
His folk and his slightly broken voice takes us to the other side of the Atlantic, and   it also made us  travel through his influences. He quickly made understand us  that what he loves is to play, and if it pleases, that's a must see!
    And of course, we like it. The very good "Toothless grins" which will also be required of by his Dutch companion during the set, sounds perfectly fine in the bar. And how can we not say that the duet with him on one of his songs which is simply "Caged Bird" was just great!

    This excellent duo and a few songs later, the time for a break, and it’s time for Tim Vantol to do his show.

    And we start with heavy, with the excellent "Road Sweet Road", main title of the EP of that name. The set will also focus on most titles of this EP, such as "Mercy will kill me," which turns out to be a text on the law of euthanasia, or the very motivational "What norm".
    Also on the set, the two newbies, of the 7'' "What It Takes / No platform", once again with two titles of the same name. Most of the songs are explained before being performed, and the bonus is that’s in rather good French it happens!

    A new duet with Matt Tansey, after he tried to make him drunk by giving him shots of whiskey, the inevitable "Nothing", roared in chorus by the audience. Also a very nice duet with Maria of Mohawk at the violin, on the beautiful "No platfom" which do appears even more beautiful.
    The evening ends with a cover of "Sink, Florida, Sink" by Against Me!, No microphone, just, Tim Vantol, Matt Tansey .... and everyone present in the bar!

    We had the chance to talk with Tim, Matt and even talk about camping with Justin, the merchguy, after the concert.

A great evening as we know them in Tours!

If you have a chance to see them (Spain, Nice, Italy, Austria, Germany or Switzerland) by the end of the month, run ahead, otherwise you will have to be patient to the coming year! Check it here!

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